Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome to Carol's Nook!

This is the first post for my new blog, Carol's Nook. What's it about? I'd like to showcase and discuss Asian American Christians in the performing and written arts. These include, but are not limited to musicians, actors, filmmakers, publishers and writers.

Compared to Black and Latino Christians, Asian Christians compose a smaller percentage of total Christians of racial minorities in the United States. But I never knew it growing up surrounded by Chinese Christians in a predominantly English-speaking Chinese church. Also, the cultural and racial diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area lulled me to the fact that most Asians are found mainly in the coastal regions of the contiguous U.S., the state of Hawaii, and in the larger metropolitan areas of the non-coastal regions.

I would like to give a voice to this "minority within a minority." I hope to provide a place for anyone interested in Asian American Christian culture to learn and appreciate what we have to offer to God and the world.

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