Thursday, October 8, 2009

Inheritance Magazine: A Periodical for Asian American Christians

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. I just found out about a cool magazine especially for Asian American Christians. Inheritance Magazine has already published three quarterly issues. The periodical is available as a hardcopy and also online. It tackles contemporary topics Asian American Christians face. For instance, the Fall 2009 issue discusses falling in love, Asian American Christian-style. Topics include dating, interracial/intercultural marriage, "passive Asian guys" and more.

Inheritance's mission is to "unify the next generation of Asian American Christians." Each article strives to provide Scriptural insight, guidance, and encouragement for readers. Their goal is to create a unified and determined identity for Asian American Christians — a culturally aware and pro-active generation to be on the forefront of the Great Commission as one people.

Sean Lin is the publisher with three main staff members. Several different writers, artists and photographers contribute to each issue. As a non-profit organization, it strives to distribute free of charge and without advertisements.

I enjoyed reading Esther Huang M.'s story on her interracial marriage. When she first started dating her future husband, her parents required him to fill out a curriculum vitae, or CV, similar to a job resume. If he had been Chinese, they wouldn't have needed him to, but since he was Caucasian, they had no other way of finding out more about him.

As second, third, and fourth generation Asian American Christians grow numerically, Inheritance will help them grow spiritually and strengthen their sense of identity.

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