Thursday, December 17, 2009

Laugh with William at

Sorry I haven't posted since Thanksgiving. As with most of you, the holidays sweep me up in a flurry of activity. I usually search the Internet for artists to feature, but I knocked myself on the side of the head the other day because the obvious choice flashed before my eyes on Facebook. I've known William Soohoo since high school and recently got back in touch with him through social media. His cartoons always made me laugh and I was glad to find out he kept up his skills through college and career days to the present.

William (or Bill, but I never called him that) is a scientist by profession and many of his cartoons illustrate humorous situations in the fields of biology, physics, etc. But as a Christian, he finds comedy in church as well. Under "Humorous Illustrations," a worship leader is spotlighted and the rest of the room is dark. The leader says, "Good morning church! God is LIGHT and in Him there is no DARKNESS. Amen?"

He also editorializes on current affairs from a Christian worldview, not in a mean mocking way, but graciously funny. Under "Physics," a picture shows the earth in outer space. Someone on earth says "...Mankind will create the BIG BANG which started our entire universe." A light shines forth in space highlighting the words "...BEEN THERE...DONE THAT..."

You can view his cartoons on the website (averaging 14,222 hits per month and growing) and even order mugs, mousepads and tee shirts with his illustrations. You may even be able to custom order an item. (But if you can't, don't tell him I said so.)

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