Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eric Owyoung Leads Future of Forestry on New Album, Travel II

Eric Owyoung and his Christian alternative rock band, Future of Forestry, are coming out with a new album, Travel II, next Tuesday, Sept. 8th. The band has been together under this name since 2006. Future of Forestry (FOF) gets its name from a poem by C.S. Lewis.

Hailing from Southern California, FOF plays to both Christian and secular audiences, which gives it a great opportunity to express art and faith in a variety of places. In a recent interview with Christian Music Today, Eric says,"...I'm passionate about—seeing God's presence touch people in a non-religious environment." Eric wrote all the songs and his wife, Tamara, designed the cover art.

I was able to listen to the first five songs on the album. Out of the five, I liked "Set Your Sails" the best. It encourages listeners to set their course for heaven's shore.

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